Ayn Rand is Guilty of Moral Bias

In my just released book, Misbehavior is Growth: An Observant Parent’s Guide to Three Year Olds, I describe weeding out Moral Bias so we can study human nature objectively. Moral Bias is when our idea of what “ideal” human behavior clouds our objectivity as we study human nature itself. I document the age-related stages children go through; when they act up (becoming aggressive, stay up late at night, etc.) but which are then followed by a burst in mental ability. Our moral bias prevents us from studying such behavior as is, for what it is, because we have an “ideal” in mind–typically calm, quiet children. I’ve been told my book MIG: 3 Year Olds gives one of the best refutations to blank slate theory out there, which is my main charge against Objectivism, an entire #philosophy with an ethics of which is based on tabula rasa (blank slate theory). MIG: 3 Year Olds is now available at The Observant Mom. Send anyone who wants to see a solid refutation to Objectivism to The Ex Objectivist.

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