Objectivist Views on Education

Objectivist Views on Education

Objectivism, as I accuse, attempts to mold and transform a person. This is because it erroneously believes in tabula rasa and can and must “program” people to be “rational.” Here is Peikoff stating this is the exact purpose of education:

“The idea of education is to take a tabula rasa (someone born blank) and transform him, through a systematic process across years, into a being with the skills and aptitudes necessary to fit him for adult life. (2)”

More than anything this is what I take to task. See my article, Tabula Rasa verus Child Development: Deep Views on Human Nature Matter

In the future, I may include my most powerful chapter in Towards Liberalism entitled “Children are Born with a Spark Plug.” Rand says the mind is like a car engine that has no spark plug. I argue EMOTIONS are that spark plug. And children ARE born with spark plugs–mother nature provides spark plug after spark plug during child development. For now, see my age-related child development research at See my Hills of Child Development explaining some of these “shock awareness” that children are given.

Child development is largely predictable. Each “hill” is kicked off with wildly fantastical thinking.

I am most known for my child development work. Objectivism does its biggest damage in education. How? Well it thinks children should be “transformed.” Video here.

See also The Grumpy Gorilla: Ending the Patriarchal Tyranny of ‘Disciplining’ Children: Highly patriarchal cultures, and Rand’s Objectivism is very patriarchal, engender an idea that children’s “misbehavior” needs “disciplined.” Females used to push men away to tend to their young during their highly irritating developmental stages. Now “father knows best” and instead of the men going away, young are expected to calm down and “behave.” This is the toxic effect of Objectivism and all patriarchal systems, and of all systems of thought for the past 6,000 years: they strip women of their natural intuition and power in child care. This is why the world is so broke. And Objectivists would never even be able to see it, as they just plain don’t understand women or child rearing.

Children should be “seen and not heard.” Terrified of Objectivism, yet?

Amber studies the age-related developmental stages of child development. She directly refutes philosophies that says we are born with a blank slate. See her book series, Misbehavior is Growth.

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