Objectivists during lockdown: the looting masses are the problem

It’s truly stunning to watch Objectivists during lockdown. Their philosophy won’t let them come out against it. Their philosophy says government control is warranted during “crisis.” Many proudly wore their masks, etc. And now, after thousands of small businesses were shut down, many were sent into despair and committed suicide, large businesses and churches with the legal know-how to get government money did so and promptly grabbed for more power and land, all they can complain about is the checks sent to people during lockdown, who were legally compelled to stay home. The recipients are seen as the looting masses who are encouraged to feel morally superior.

One told me Mark Zuckerberg is the victim in all this. He feels existentially threatened by the government and is cooperating to “keep all that he worked so hard for.” Right. Ok. Proof positive that businesses by and large had NO moral courage in this, whatsoever.

Join me. Let’s figure out a resistance to this. See www.exobjectivist.com for a new path to freedom and a new understanding of human nature itself. We are not born with Original Sin. We are not near nihilists prone to whim. A few elite producers don’t drive the whole economy. The power belongs to the people. Let’s take it back.

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