It’s every conversation I have with Objectivist men. Well, and women, too, often. They insist you play nice, never insult anyone–but they can do it all day long.

Let’ say they say women are parasites or the like, agreeing with the Ayn Rand quote below. I call them a male chauvinist POS. They then cry I am making an “ad hominem”! Oh really. You were misogynistic and I just called you out. But *I* am always the angry, irrational one who “can’t make a mature comment.” They, however, get to call women parasites, lazy, etc., all day long. They aren’t making ad hominems. Nor are they even insulting anyone. They are just stating FACTS.

It’s the same, repeat, ad nauseum. They get to make wild claims, punch and hard, but if you punch back–it’s an endless circle of calling you a bitch, angry, irrational. It’s classic gaslighting, insults, and narcissistic abuse.

It is etched in our culture that men are allowed to dish out abuse and if women at all return it, they are a bitch. It’s engrained in religion. I write here that it’s a desperate attempt to ensure paternity. When people figured out how to trace paternity, women went from leaders in society to cattle to breed children for men. Men are super good at throwing shame at women, and letting it linger there, and never assuming any themselves.

I punch back now because it’s the only language they know.

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