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When Humans Figured Out Paternity, Eugenics and Patriarchy Started

Before humans could identify paternity, humans were not monogamous and did not live in families. Women did most work, gathering or farming, and naturally had leadership roles. When men figured out how to identify if they were the father, women were shackled. They were taken out of open life and monitored. The penalty for adultery was death.

All major religions are designed around monitoring and controlling women. All of them, starting with Moses, who murdered people to instill fear. We should be utterly terrified of religion.

This is the source of poor treatment of women. You’ll find it in abundance in Objectivist circles. It’s taken as a given that men can abuse and insult women, and women are to stay complacent. Rand directly says women look best when “chained.” She took pride when someone called her the most courageous “man.” Objectivism is just another religion. Like all religions, it’s patriarchal and intended to control people. There is a reason the cover of Towards Liberalism is a woman breaking free.

The issue is monotheism versus polytheism. And really just mono versus poly: one versus many. Modern religion demands monotheism: following one path, and one that favors men. Polytheistic religions, most of which didn’t even believe in an afterlife, celebrated a wide variety of types of humans. Objectivism, which inflicts on us rational self interest, and favors men, is very “mono.” It’s one way of life, one way of being.

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