Virtue Signaling: Masks are the New Jesus

If you are a complete shit bag but want to feel good about yourself, what can you do? Easy! Become a Christian. They have no moral standards whatsoever. There is one and only one: “Do you accept Jesus as your lord and savior?” Yes-you go to heaven. No-well, you’re own your own. They can send angels down, maybe, but unless you get on board, you’re in the wilderness, sorry. This was said to me by an older woman trying to convert me, verbatim.

When I heard all this, I thought it was absurd. Because it is absurd. A pastor bragged, “Other religions give good advice. We bring good news.” Which is …. ? An after life? Are you kidding? You promise me something I’ll never be able to verify in the now. Sure. Thank you oh benevolent giver of all things.

My experience in life is absolute dirt bags get behind religion. My abusive, gambling father–yup. My ex neighbor who was authoritarian with his children and liked to give lectures to teenage girls about “respect”–yup. That sweet little old lady who wanted illegal immigrants caged–yup. You can be a total dirt bag. But if you “accept Jesus as your lord and savior,” you’re held up in society’s good graces. Me, a straight A student, a fantastic mother, a child development researcher–nah. There is every tiny reason in the book to smear me as a total bitch. I can put you in touch with my relatives and in-laws to verify my bitch status.

Masks are the new Jesus. Religion is fading, fast. The younger generation just aren’t into church. But now you don’t need a cross around your neck, you just need a mask to prove your moral worthiness. You can borrow money and never pay it back, eat so atrociously as to be over 300 pounds, and abuse others–but you wear a mask! And you can get up on your high horse about others who don’t. And dish out your narcissistic abuse crying “too bad, so sad” to parents forever kicked off of airlines because their two year old wouldn’t wear a mask. Everything I just wrote is a true story.

Covid19 is the new original sin. By default of just living, you are a danger. You must act accordingly, with shame, proving your compliance.

This is all a desperate attempt for the religious-minded to get back in control. Not for religion to win. But because the powerful want to use shame as a weapon again.

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