One Question for Objectivists

One Question for Objectivists

When I bring up my challenge to Objectivism, I am always simply buried by them. I get told I am a mystic, a “Kantian epistemologist” (a true insult in Objectivst circles); I get called “sweetie,” “honey,” etc. Or I get told “no Objectivist cares about tabula rasa anyway.” Oh. We’re not taking Rand’s explicit statements seriously now? The philosophy of Ayn Rand? Ok.

Ok. Objectivists. It’s clear all the arguments in the world don’t matter with you. So I will focus on one thing: pinning you down on YOUR philosophy. I have a simple question below: Does Rand say we can program our emotions? It’s a yes or no question. Fine. Say I’m rambling. Ignore my argument. Ignore that massive amount of thought out there refuting blank slate theory. Answer me ONE question: Does Ayn Rand say we can program our emotions or not? Yes. Or No.

Maybe you want to know what your own philosopher says before adopting it as an entire morality to guide your behaviors, emotions, and thoughts? Just saying.

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