Consistently, when I show up in Objectivist circles, they tell me how to go about myself. They tell me I have to “sell” them on my way of being rather than theirs. By default, they are right. To penetrate it, I have to disprove them. Do you see the dumb in this?

Anyway. I find it’s pointless, anyway. They immediately tell me I’m angry, a bitch, etc., etc. There is no persuading Objectivists. It is a fight to the death with them. Ayn Rand advises them to get in the ring and punch. But, you. You have to play nice. Dealing with Objectivist: They Punch, You Must Play Nice.

Tell me: why would I persuade YOU to have a better life? Just as is? Why is your good life on ME? No. The burden of proof is on YOU if YOU want a better way to be. The Burden of Proof is on Anyone Making a Claim Anyone Who Wants to Know the Truth.

And my way IS better. I’m happier internally now than when I was an Objectivist, and I think my philosophy defends freedom better. But that’s not why I’m here.

My goal isn’t to sell you. My goal is to stop you You routinely dish out narcissistic abuse to people. I would have as much success “selling” a slave owner on giving up his slaves. My approach is combative. Deal with it.

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