When Reason is Tied to Morality, It Becomes Moralizing

Reason = Moralizing

I challenge Ayn Rand’s Objectivism. I am the victim of many hysterical accusations: I am a mystic, I have “no studies,” I “can’t use words right,” and I must have been dumped by an Objectivist male.

When it becomes clear that my argument is airtight; that the obfuscations of my argument don’t work, I simply get told I am “rambling.” A person “means no insult,” but I am a rambling mess that they “will not refute because that would condone it.” They aren’t insulting me–they are just holding up my work plugging their nose as it’s such a heaping pile of garbage. This is the moral equivalent of a child putting his finger in front of your nose saying, “I’m not touching you!!!” And when the tormented child punches back, they cry, “See! See! He hit ME!”

It’s gaslighting: they won’t even recognize my argument. This is what you deal with with Objectivists, which perhaps is 90% of my argument against them right there. It’s what happens when you tie reason to morality as Rand does. They are quick to judge, not linger and think. It says far more about them than me.


I do VERY popular child development work. My work does well and helps people. But I’m lousy–just so lousy. Rambling. They can’t even make sense of me. Ok. Maybe because you aren’t even trying? Or lack the capability of understanding things related to emotions or education? Beyond what you think is so obvious? I’m not a dumb woman, peeps.

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